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  Mission Statement  

Purpose – WHY we exist as an organization

The PURPOSE of the Alexander City Schools is to provide students with a quality educational experience that fosters a productive and successful life.

The VISION of the Alexander City Schools is to produce graduates that are successful and empowered to compete globally based upon their own unique talents and interests.

The MISSION of the Alexander City Schools is to provide a safe and inviting learning environment with high expectations for ALL, while focusing on the development of the whole child – academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Core Values/Beliefs – WHAT we stand for & HOW we behave as an organization.

1. Student-Centered Focus

2. High Expectations for All

3. Respect for All

4. Safe, Positive, & Nurturing Learning Environment

5. Equity for All

6. Well-Trained, Highly Qualified, & Professional Staff

7. High Character & Integrity

8. Caring, Compassionate, & Courteous Staff

9. Openness and Transparency

Motto – High Expectations & Success for ALL

System Goals

1. We will provide a high-quality, rigorous academic experience that is standards-based, addresses the whole child, reaches all students, and meets or exceeds all accountability standards.

2. We will provide a safe, positive, and nurturing learning environment for our students.

3. We will provide teaching and learning resources necessary for the success of our students.

4. We will expect every student to graduate and each graduate to be well prepared for success and leadership in his/her chosen path according to his/her own unique talents and interests.

5. We will provide a professional, accountable, and highly qualified staff, committed to working collaboratively with all stakeholders in order to provide an exceptional educational experience.

AdvandED Accreditation

The Alexander City School System is accredited by AdvancED which requires a relentless pursuit of excellence of itself and for the institutions it certifies. The Alexander City Schools offer a wide-ranging curriculum challenging the advanced student while providing a strong basic instructional program for the student with academic challenges.




  About The School  

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2016-2017 Annual Report